Dr. Dennis Keyes DMD Butler PA

Continuing Education

Keeping up with current developments in dental science helps us to separate hype from real progress. In this way, we can incorporate new technologies that have real benefits for you.

Practice Philosophy

"We take great pains to see that you won't have any." In every aspect of our services, in every way we can, we try to make your dental visits as comfortable as possible. We want to provide the best possible dentistry that is personally appropriate for you. We want you to be stable and comfortable and have minimal problems with your restorations. Never hesitate to let us know if we can improve your experience.

Complete Family Dentistry

We can provide all general services for all ages. There is no reason for you to go to multiple offices for different phases of treatment. Of course, complex problems are transferred to specialist when appropriate.


We reserve time in our schedule every day for emergencies. We make every effort to see emergencies as soon as possible. The office answering machine message includes an after hours phone number. Regular preventive care is the best way to avoid emergencies. Don't wait until it hurts.